Who am I?

Hello! I am Julian, a JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Game) enthusiast, and welcome to JRPG Comfort! I have been playing JRPGs since I was 4 years old, and still continue to this day. The very first JRPG game I played is the very first game you'll see if you hover over the "Games" tab above. And if you want to know more about me, click the "FAQ" tab above. But for more information on what makes a game a JRPG, continue reading.

Why make this?

I know, right? So many people review games. But everything feels so stiff and so serious, especially with the hustle and bustle of our regular lives. As such, I was hoping to make a relaxing environment where, even if you don't have interest in the subject matter, you can still have a nice, relaxing read.

What makes a JRPG?

As the name might suggest, a Role-Playing game is a game where you take the role of another character in a fictional setting. As such, there is typically one main character that you assume the role of. JRPGs are no different, however one key difference between a regular RPG and a JRPG is the amount of farming that is possible within the game. I don't mean literal farming, but rather doing similar tasks ad nauseum for more rewards. This is a system built in for hardcore players, unlike RPGs such as Dark Souls, JRPGs frequently come with multiple difficulty levels, in order to cater to both casual and hardcore players. The artstyle of JRPGs tend to be very distinguishable from other games as well. One final difference is JRPGs tend to have multiple characters that have different character arcs while still having a single main character, as opposed to the entire story focusing on one character, such as in games like Assassin's Creed. As such, gameplay tends to have players form a "party", which consists of a group of multiple people, and depending on the style of the game, either has the player control all of them at once (such as in turn-based games), or has the game control the characters for the player (such as in fast-paced combat games).

Why review JRPGs?

Japan is a big country, and considering you're reading this in English, you probably can't read Japanese. While of course there are English versions for all these games, the process of choosing a game to play can be overwhelming, especially with the sub-genres that are available. And that is why I'm here: To provide all of you with a game review service that will help you choose a JRPG to play, assuming you want to get into the genre. If you just want a good read on what they provide, that's fine as well. And if you have no interest at all, well... nice knowing you, then. Anyway, to begin, hover over the "Games" tab, and I recommend taking a look at the runthrough first.